Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for England and Wales came into force on 1st October 2006. It is intended to rationalise and consolidate existing legislation. The regime will be based on Risk Assessment with responsibility for fire safety resting with the person responsible for the premises.

Alpha Fire Consultancy Limited can advise companies and “responsible persons” on the best way of securing compliance with the regulations..
This can include consultation on the significant findings and actions required by the responsible person following an inspection by another fire risk assessor or company.

Where a fire and rescue authority has inspected your premises and issued a report, enforcement notice or prohibition notice, we offer a mediation service.

Fire Safety Audits

  • To meet the legal requirements for the safety of staff and visitors to the premises.
  • To protect the building, contents and processes. Insurance companies may also make requirements on a building owner / occupier to improve the level of fire precautions.

We can carry out a physical survey of your premises and identify and quantify various fire threats to life, property, and business operations. A fire safety audit also seeks to identify and quantify various defences against those fire threats.

The results of the audit will be analysed and any significant weaknesses in the fire safety provisions identified. Specific solutions to correct these weaknesses will be developed and then optimised for cost and function. The building owners and, if applicable, tenants are usually involved in the process of optimising solutions so that their objectives are understood and satisfied.

Building Regulations

For new buildings or material alterations we can provide advice to architects and developers on complying with the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations and advise on alternative solutions.